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IPosUp User Guides

Find useful videos and step-by-step guides on how to make the most of your IPosUp apps. The User Guides are constantly updated.

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User Guide about registering with the IPosUp App

Registering with IPosUp is easy and takes less than 10 minutes. See what steps are needed to create your IPosUp and Merchant Category Code (MCC).

User Guide on how to make the most of your IPos soft

IPos soft gives you the ability to make tap-to-phone payments, issue e-receipts and check your statements, all with ease.

User Guide on how to make the most of your IPos bric

IPos bric or pad gives you and your staff more flexibility when making transactions. Customers have the ability to insert their card when contactless is not available (CHIP and PIN).

Manage your Merchant Settlement Account (MSA) with HCE Wallet

Your HCE Wallet is your access to your Merchant Settlement Account. Here you are able to view your balance live, check transaction statements and withdraw the Ecash into your own bank accounts.

Learn how to manage your user accounts in SWIM ID

The SWIMTM ID is completely unique to IPosUp users. SWIMTM ID securely stores your Digital Identity information.

Learn about the benefits of being able to accept tips with IPosUp

IPOSUP gives staff the ability to accept card payments with tips. These tips go straight into the staff member’s personal Digital Wallet and can be subsequently withdrawn to their own bank account.