Product – Swim Id

Introducing SWIMTM ID

Your free SWIMTM ID (Software Wireless Identity Module Identity) is used for user authentication, message encryption and validation of remote secure communication to the IPosUp host platform, so bank partners, merchants and consumers can trade safely without the fear of fraud.


Benefits of SWIMTM ID

This free personalised digital identity allows you to securely sell or buy goods and services with your IPosUp apps. Your Digital Identity has a secure 2-Factor Authentication security measure so financial transactions and statements are always safe.


When self-registering with IPosUp you create your own unique ID PIN that you use to login to your account. As a Primary User, you can also create Secondary Users for your staff and change SWIMTM ID PINS.


By submitting your personal details and forms of identity as well as creating your own personal PIN, there are two factors created to confirm your identity when logging into IPosUp apps.


In your SWIMTM ID App you are able to view all the information you provided in your IPosUp registration.


A Point-Of-Sale solution to suit you

The IPosUp app and its HCE Wallet function transform your smartphone into your everyday Mobile Point-Of-Sale card and bank payment device. Using the latest technology we give you the ability to securely streamline your Tap-to-Pay and QR Code payments at a low cost.

IPos soft

Receive payments on the move with your IPos soft. Our MPOS IPosUp app Tap-to-Phone and QR Code technologies allows you to accept bank and card payments via your smart NFC devices. Take QR Code bank-to-bank account and contactless card payments anywhere and anytime without any external card reader!


IPOS bric or pad

Connect your IPos bric or pad via Bluetooth and allow customers to tap or insert their card to pay for goods and services. Our IPos bric or pad gives the customer more flexibility enabling chip-and-PIN and contactless when it comes to making payments.

£19 + VAT per IPos bric or pad
Rs1800 + GST per IPos bric or pad