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IPOSUP – IPOS Pad Quick Start Guide

Iposup app

1. IPOSUP App – Primary User Registration

  • Download the IPOSUP App from Google Play Store.
  • Open IPOSUP App.
  • To register select IPOS icon and press REGISTER button.
  • Have your passport, driving license or national ID and bank statement at hand to photograph.
  • Create your SWIM ID User account during registration.
  • Press IPOS App icon, login via SWIM ID, enter your business (merchant) name/address, the MCC (merchant category code) and bank account details.
  • IPOSUP will perform AML (anti-money laundering) checks on your personal Primary User and business details.

2. Bluetooth pair IPOS pad with mobile

  • Fully charge your IPOS pad using the micro USB cable provided in the box.
  • Power on your IPOS pad.
  • Press the RED, YELLOW and GREEN buttons in quick succession to enter Bluetooth pairing mode.
  • Enable Bluetooth pairing on mobile using Settings.
  • Select the IPOS pad device ID to pair with mobile.
  • IPOS pad Caring
  • Operating Temp: -10 to +55 degC
  • Charge battery every 3 months when not in use to avoid damage or security key loss. Charge battery temperature 0 to 45 degC.

Ipos pad

Contactless payments

3. IPOS App Primary & Secondary Users Setup

  • Primary User can setup Secondary and other Primary Users under the same Merchant Account:
  • Open IPOS App and LOGIN as Primary User SWIM ID.
  • Select Top Right Menu, then ‘Manage SWIM Account’ and then ‘Manage User’.
  • Complete the SWIM ID Register User details to register a Secondary or Primary User under your Merchant Account for each staff member.
  • Have staff passport, driving licence or national ID and personal bank statement at hand to photograph.

4. IPOS App Card and Cash Payments

  • Select SALE, REFUND or VOID transaction type.
  • Enter transaction amount and select CARD or CASH payment method.

Card and cash payments

SWIM ID App HCE Wallet App

5. SWIM ID and HCE Wallet Apps

  • Multiple staff SWIM IDs are created by the Primary User.
  • Secondary Users cannot perform REFUND and VOID.

6. HCE Wallet Merchant Funds Management

  • Open HCE Wallet App.
  • View STATEMENTS for:
  • Merchant Settlement A/c
  • Ecash Personal A/c
  • Charity Donation A/c
  • As a Primary User, see the Merchant Settlement Accounts balances update as your staff perform transactions.
  • WITHDRAW and DEPOSIT funds from Accounts (A/c).
  • Funds withdrawal will be credited to your merchant bank account within 1 to 7 days subject to T&C.

Merchant Funds Management