Mobile Payment Service for Micro-Businesses

Selling, Banking, Payments and ESG

IPOSUP Scales to Micro-Businesses

Current payment solutions don’t scale to micro-businesses – outdated, expensive and inflexible


• Chip and PIN, Contactless and Remote Payments (Pay by Link) as well as receive Faster Payments
• Instant settlement to sellers settlement accounts


• Business and personal bank accounts for all within minutes via online mobile registration.
• Analyse spending patterns
• Real-time detailed transaction statements


• Transfer between Users using ID, Email, Name, or Barcode
• Make instant FPS (Faster Pay Service) payments to external UK bank accounts
• Receive FPS payments from UK bank accounts


• Support a UK charity from a large selection
• Protect the environment – Paperless statements and receipts and shared payments readers
• Secure card payments, banking and money transfers

SELLING while creating ESG Value!

Accredited with Android (future iOS version)
• IPOS pad – Chip and PIN and Contactless
• Share devices between sellers and their staff

Transaction types supported
• Sale, Refund, Void
• Tip (gratuity) handling direct to staff
• Charity donations direct to charity
• Bank to bank transfers – FPS (Faster Payments Service)

Benefits for sellers
• Affordable, Simple, Secure
• INSTANT settlement to IPOSUP Settlement Accounts
• HASSLE FREE gratuity (tips) distribution to staff
• FREE Business IPOSUP bank accounts
• FREE Staff personal IPOSUP bank accounts e.g. for tips
• FREE Instant transfer between staff IPOSUP Bank Accounts e.g. sharing tips
• FREE Instant payment of staff salaries
• FREE Support of chosen charity for micro-donations
• FREE Faster Payments Service (FPS) from IPOSUP
• Settlement Bank Accounts

Banking & Payments with IPOSUP

Micro Business Bank Accounts

Personal Bank Accounts e.g. for staff

FREE SEND/RECEIVE transfers between staff IPOSUP Bank Accounts

Instant Fast Payments Service (FPS) to and from UK Bank Accounts

Business Model

IPOSUP Payments Facilitator

Pay-by-Link, Chip and PIN, Contactless and Faster Pay bank transfers:

Low-cost FCA registered proposition: • 1.3% or less card fees;
• IPOS pad GBP19.00; (FREE Currently)
• No hidden charges;
• No binding contracts;
• (Competition offering 1.75%)
• GBP and in future Euro

Standards certified:
• EMV Visa/MC card schemes
• PCI-DSS secured
• PIN on Glass & Tap-to-phone future

Value added services:
• Real-time settlement
• Tips
• harity donations

Affordable: Handling Micro-Transactions

Simple: IPOSUP Service

From micro businesses to any individual in the future

IPOSUP app on the phone

• Self registration in 5 minutes vs c.5 days for legacy technology
• No subscription fee for sellers, only low transaction fee which is lower than other market participants
• Low-cost IPOS terminal
•Card reader for multi-users
• Faster payment method
• App for any Android and in future iPhone

Future Pin on Glass

• IPOS bric for both chip and pin and contactless – pin-on-glass certification in progress
• Faster payment method
• Future PCI SPOC standards compliant

Future Tap To Phone

• Contactless Tap to Phone will be the future of NFC payments, as chip and pin is phased out
• Scalability with payments for all

Secure: IPOSUP Infrastructure

PCI, EMV, Card Scheme compliance

Software Wireless Identity ModuleTM : Highest security and privacy

Competitive Advantage

• 25% Lower price advantage
• Mobile centric User-friendly instant self-registration
• Free Business and Personal Bank Accounts
• Micro-seller card and bank payments
• Blockchain ledgers for instant settlement to
   ? Micro-Sellers
   ? Staff Gratuity
   ? Charity Donations
• Strong Customer Authentication via User Digital ID
   ? PKI and White-box tamper-resistant security
• Comprehensive card reader range:
   ? PINPAD Bluetooth device,
   ? Simple SPOC Bluetooth device (future)
   ? Tap to Phone on inbuilt phone NFC (future)

IPOSUP Unique Proposition Summary

• 25% Cheaper
• No hidden fees
• Instant Net Settlement

• User Self-Registration
• Instant Boarding
• Value Add Services
• Online Multilingual

• PCI Compliant
• Highest Security & Privacy