Mobile Payment Service for Micro-Businesses

Selling, Banking, Payments and ESG

IPosUp Scales from Micro- to Medium-Businesses

Current payment solutions don’t scale to micro-businesses – outdated, expensive and inflexible


• Chip and PIN, Contactless and Remote Payments (Pay by Link) as well as receive Faster Payments • Instant settlement to sellers settlement accounts


• Business and personal bank accounts for all within minutes via online mobile registration. • Analyse spending patterns • Real-time detailed transaction statements


• Transfer between Users using ID, Email, Name, or Barcode • Make instant FPS (Faster Pay Service) payments to external UK bank accounts • Receive FPS payments from UK bank accounts


• Support a UK charity from a large selection • Protect the environment – Paperless statements and receipts and shared payments readers • Secure card payments, banking and money transfers

SELLING while creating ESG Value!

Accredited with Android and iOS versions) • IPOS pad – Chip and PIN and Contactless • Share devices between sellers and their staff

Transaction types supported • Sale, Refund, Void • Tip (gratuity) handling direct to staff • Charity donations direct to charity • Bank to bank transfers – FPS (Faster Payments Service) Benefits for sellers • Affordable, Simple, Secure • INSTANT settlement to IPOSUP Settlement Accounts • HASSLE FREE gratuity (tips) distribution to staff • FREE Business IPOSUP bank accounts • FREE Staff personal IPOSUP bank accounts e.g. for tips • FREE Instant transfer between staff IPOSUP Bank Accounts e.g. sharing tips • FREE Instant payment of staff salaries • FREE Support of chosen charity for micro-donations • FREE Faster Payments Service (FPS) from IPOSUP • Settlement Bank Accounts

Banking & Payments with IPOSUP

Micro Business Bank Accounts

Personal Bank Accounts e.g. for staff FREE SEND/RECEIVE transfers between staff IPOSUP Bank Accounts Instant Fast Bank Payments Service (FPS) to and from UK Bank Accounts Instant Fast Bank Payments via UPI in India Instant Fast Bank Payments via PesaLink in Kenya Instant Fast Bank Payments via SEPA in EU    
Business Model

IPosUp Payments Facilitator

Pay-by-Link, Chip and PIN, Contactless and Faster Pay/UPI/PesaLink/SEPA bank transfers:

Low-cost FCA registered proposition: • 1.0% or less card fees;
• IPOS pad GBP19.00/Rs1800; (FREE Currently)
• No hidden charges;
• No binding contracts;
• (Competition offering 1.75%)
• GBP / Euro / INR / KSH

Standards certified:
• EMV Visa/MC card schemes
• PCI-DSS secured
• PIN on Glass & Tap-to-phone future

Value added services:
• Real-time settlement
• Tips
• Charity donations

Affordable: Handling Micro-Transactions

Simple: IPosUp Service

From micro businesses to any individual in the future

IPosUp app on the phone

• Self registration in 5 minutes vs c.5 days for legacy technology • No subscription fee for sellers, only low transaction fee which is lower than other market participants • Low-cost IPOS terminal •Card reader for multi-users • Faster payment method • App for any Android and iPhone

Future Pin on Glass

• IPOS bric for both chip and pin and contactless – pin-on-glass certification in progress • Faster payment method • Future PCI SPOC standards compliant

Future Tap To Phone

• Contactless Tap to Phone PCI CPOC will be the future of NFC payments, as chip and pin is phased out • Scalability with payments for all

Secure: IPosUp Infrastructure

PCI, EMV, Card Scheme compliance

Software Wireless Identity ModuleTM : Highest security and privacy

Competitive Advantage

• 33% Lower price advantage • Mobile centric User-friendly instant self-registration • Free Business and Personal Bank Accounts • Micro-seller card and bank QR Code payments • Blockchain ledgers for instant settlement to – Micro-Sellers – Staff Gratuity – Charity Donations • Strong Customer Authentication via User Digital ID – PKI and White-box tamper-resistant security • Comprehensive card reader range: – PINPAD Bluetooth device, – Simple SPOC Bluetooth device (future) – Tap to Phone on inbuilt phone NFC (future)

IPosUp Unique Proposition Summary

Affordable • 33% Cheaper • No hidden fees • Instant Net Settlement

Simple • User Self-Registration • Instant Boarding • Value Add Services • Online Multilingual Secure • PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant • Highest Security & Privacy