IPOS soft – Mobile Point-Of-Sale (MPOS) App

Introducing your new mobile Point-Of-Sale app, IPOS soft 

Our Mobile Point-Of-Sale App (MPOS), IPOS soft allows you to make transactions via your Android smartphone using the devices NFC reader. All you need to do is download the app, register you details and then you can start accepting payments.

Download IPOSUP App

Key Features of IPOS soft

Our Mobile Point-Of-Sale App, IPOS soft, gives users the ability to securely do business with ease and flexibility without having to risk high transaction fees and binding contracts. IPOS soft is an easy-to-use application putting you first. 


The only fees incured when using IPOS soft will be a 1.3% or lower transaction fee on any type of payment.


There are no fixed contracts when using IPOS soft so you can use it when you like.


You can set as many Primary/Secondary Users as you like for yourself and staff. Each account is protected by their unique SWIM ID.


IPOS soft allows you to accept multiple forms of payments from Visa/Mastercards to recording your Cash payments.


Primary Users can perform Sale, Refund and Void transactions, whereas Secondary Users can only performs Sales.

Accepting Payments with the  
IPOS soft App

Merchant Tap-To-Phone Mobile Point-Of-Sale with IPOS soft  
1. You must login to your merchant IPOSUP app on your merchant smartphone and then enter the payment amount. 

2. Your customer “taps” their card at the back of your merchant phone. There is a limit of £45.

3. Your customer enters the card PIN on your merchant phone – this is the EMV “Tap-To-Phone” standard!

4. The purchase is approved in seconds,

Download IPOSUP App

How to get started

Download IPOSUP App

Download the IPOSUP app from Google Play Store on your Android mobile device. Alternatively go to Google Play Store on your Android smartphone and search for “IPOSUP” in the Play Store search bar.


You will need your Passport or National ID Card, Drivers Licence and Bank Statement. During the registration process the app will ask you to photograph these identity check documents. 

Good to go!

You can now start making transactions on your
IPOSUP apps.