Team IPOSUP user – Dipak


Meet Dipak, Owner of H&R News

Dipak is a part of #TEAMIPOSUP and uses his IPOS bric’s to accept card and cash payments within his Convenience Store as well as take payments for local paper and supplies delivery at customers’ home. The IPOS bric allows Dipak to make secure transactions at any location. 

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We asked Dipak to give us his four favourite features of IPOSUP

Dipuk Shah and his family own H&R News located on the High Street of Camberley. His family run store offers everyday necessities as well as delivery services. Dipak uses IPOS bric to make transactions both in store and on deliveries.

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I have the ability to assign accounts with all my staff at no extra cost and it is all secure with SWIM ID. With me being the Primary User I am able to see all the transactions made by all my staff.


With the HCE Wallet I am able to view all the transaction made during the day instantly. This is great for a small business like ours that makes a lot of small sales. Also having the ability to withdraw cash into our bank account next day is a huge plus.


IPOSUP’s transparent pricing strategy made the decision to move to using IPOS bric easy for us. All we are charged for is the IPOS bric devices (£19 per bric) and a 1.3% transaction fee, which is a far better offer compared to other platforms. 


WIth our IPOS bric’s I can send staff out for a delivery and they can make card transactions at the customers houses. This saves a lot of admin trying to deal with bank transfers or cash transactions.

“I am loving the freedom and flexibility that IPOSUP is giving me and my staff. We are only charged a small fee when we use it and nothing when we do not. Also being able offer the ability to make card payments securely on delivery is a huge boost for a small business like ours.”

Dipak Shah

Owner of H&R News