Setting up your IPOSUP Merchant Account

User Guides on registering with IPOSUP

Below you can find User Guides to help you through the registration process of your new Mobile Point-Of-Sale Terminal (MPOS), IPOSUP.

Find User Guides about registering with IPOSUP and selecting your MCC (Merchant Category Code). 

User Guide on how to register with IPOSUP

Registering with IPOSUP is easy and takes less than 5 minutes. Learn more on “Registering with IPOSUP” so you can get started with your new Mobile Point-Of-Sale (MPOS) Terminal.

User Guide on how to set up your IPOS Merchant Account

Learn how to set up your new IPOS Merchant Account. Whether you are using the IPOS soft or IPOS bric or pad this 4-step User Guide will show you how to complete the Merchant setup.