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Pre-Register for IPOSUP

IPOSUP, a UK owned and operated Point-Of-Sale Mobile App, is on the last stage of FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) approval which is our UK Bank Safeguarding Account for your card payments money. Once approved we will be able to give users the ability to accept card payments (MPOS) at the lowest market rate with IPOSUP.

Before we go live we are giving those who pre-register with IPOSUP a FREE IPOS bric or IPOS pad (valued at £19 + VAT), delivered free to your door, as soon as we receive FCA approval. Download IPOSUP App and PRE-REGISTER NOW!

Registration takes typically 5 minutes and there are no financial commitments when registering with IPOSUP, all we need are photos of identity documents. Your Digital Identity (SWIM ID) will be shown as “PENDING” and we will keep in touch with you to let you know when your IPOSUP App will be activated.


Register to Point Of Sale Mobile App
Transaction Fee Calculator
IPOS bric Bluetooth Terminal

Key Features of IPOS bric and IPOS pad terminals

IPOS bric/pad is a Mobile Point-Of-Sale (MPOS) Bluetooth terminal that gives users the ability to securely do business with ease and flexibility without incurring high transaction fees and binding contracts. IPOS bric/pad is an easy-to-use device giving you and the customer more choice when it comes to making a payment.


The only fee incurred when using IPOS bric will be a 1.3% or lower transaction fee on any type of card payment.


Staff can share a single IPOS bric or pad device between them. Additionally, different merchants can also share a single device.


IPOS bric allows you to accept multiple forms of payments from Visa/Mastercards to recording Cash payments.


There is no binding minimum-term contract when using IPOSUP service, only a small per transaction fee.

Payment terminal

Making card payments with IPOSUP

The process is quick and simple and the funds show up in your HCE Wallet within the hour! You can then keep the money in your HCE Wallet merchant settlement account and transfer your funds into your merchant bank account at any time.

Here is a look at what is happening behind the scenes when making a transaction with IPOSUP.

pos payment process

A Point-Of-Sale solution to suit you

The IPOSUP app transforms your Android smartphone into your everyday Mobile Point-Of-Sale card and cash payment device. Using the latest technology we give you the ability to securely streamline your payments at a low cost.

IPOS software

IPOS soft

Receive payments on the move with your IPOS soft. Our MPOS technology allows you to take transactions via your Android smart device and store the payment in your IPOSUP.  


POS bric

IPOS bric

Connect your IPOS bric via Bluetooth and allow customers to tap or insert their card to pay for goods and services. Our IPOS bric gives the customer more flexibility enabling chip-and-PIN and contactless when it comes to making payments.

£19 +VAT per bric

The pre-registration process

Whilst we await approval from the FCA (less than 4 weeks) we are giving the opportunity to pre-register for IPOSUP and receive a free IPOS bric (valued at £19 + VAT per device).


Download IPOSUP

Download the IPOSUP app from Google Play Store on your Android mobile or tablet device. Alternatively go to Google Play Store on your Android smartphone or tablet and search for ‘IPOSUP’ in the Play Store search bar.



You will need your Passport or National ID Card, Driving Licence, and your latest Bank Statement. During the registration process the app will ask you to photograph these identity check documents. Registration takes less than 5 minutes. Your User Account (SWIM ID) will be shown as ‘PENDING’.


Receive your free IPOS bric

When we receive approval from the FCA you will be notified and your User Account (SWIM ID) will be set as ‘LIVE’. An IPOS bric will be sent to your registered address!