IPOSUP partners with ClearBank to enable movement of money

iposup partners with ClearBank

21 st September 2021, London UK IPOSUP, (FCA regulated 931781), partners with ClearBank to offer near real-time payment and innovative banking services including Bacs, CHAPS and Faster Payments. ClearBank is a fully regulated UK Bank, authorised by the PRA and regulated by the FCA.
The objective of IPOSUP is simple yet powerful, for it aims to democratise access to UK and European banking payment rails to micro merchants, their staff as well as their consumers. Consumers and micro-merchants expect their payments and transactions to be processed immediately, successfully and intelligently by the IPOSUP robust payments service.
All consumer and merchant business funds are held at the Bank of England and IPOSUP enables:

• Bank Account reconciliations
• Near “real-time” BACS, FPS and CHAPS payments
• Streamlined consumer and merchant business onboarding
• HCE Wallet inbound/outbound FPS/CHAPS Payments
• HCE Wallet-to-Wallet Payments.

IPOSUP creates and assigns individual virtual accounts with publicly addressable VIBANS (sort code and bank account numbers) to each end user. Furthermore, IPOSUP leverages ClearBank’s direct participation in the UK payment schemes to execute faster payments on behalf of their customers.
End-users benefit from a simple and streamlined iPhone and Android IPOSUP app which interfaces with a pocket-sized card reader.
Merchants are able to seamlessly accept and process payments near instantly, whilst being able to execute internal transfers to manage their businesses finances.
Combining this with IPOSUP’s short onboarding process, merchants can focus on developing and growing their business, rather than focusing on day-to-day finances.


Owned and operated by HCE Service Ltd, IPOSUP is a mobile card and bank payments service aimed at micro- and small- businesses throughout UK and in the future Europe with the aim that their smartphones downloaded with the mobile IPOSUP app can process chip and PIN, contactless NFC and remote mobile card and bank payments. IPOSUP state-of-the-art hosted infrastructure provides high-availability 24-7 FCA regulated (FCA Number 931781), PCI-DSS Level-1 card and bank payments processing services.

IPOSUP integrates strong digital ID security for Users on their mobile devices. IPOSUP MAP (Mobile Application Platform) UK host provides the advanced bank Faster Payments, EMV cards and HCE tokens payments processing services. For more information, visit: and ,, HCE Service Limited, 8 The Drive, New Barnet, Hertfordshire, EN5 1DZ, UK,