Create ESG Value for your business by collecting charity donations to support these famous Charities. Your customers can make pennies donations to your chosen charity as well as add tips for your staff while paying your business with their Visa or Mastercard cards on IPOSUP App.

Make-A-Wish UK
Blind Veterans UK
Alzheimer’s Research UK
together for short life
Pennies, The Digital Charity Box

Affordable, Secure and Easy to Use..

IPOSUP App enables you to accepting card payments from your customers who can select to give gratuities (tips) as well as charity donations to your chosen charity.

A Card Payments POS solution to fit you

The IPOSUP app transforms your Android smartphone into your everyday Mobile Point-Of-Sale card payment device. Using the latest technology we give you the ability to securely streamline your payments at a low cost.

IPOS soft

Receive payments on the move with your IPOS soft. Our MPOS technology allows you to take transactions via your Android smart device and store the payment in your IPOSUP.

IPOS bric or pad

Connect your IPOS bric or pad via Bluetooth and allow customers to tap or insert their card to pay for goods and services. Our IPOS bric or pad gives the customer more flexibility enabling chip-and-PIN and contactless when it comes to making payments.


IPOSUP charges 1.3% fee or less per transaction which makes us 25% cheaper than our competition. Plus there are no fixed-term contracts nor hidden costs involved.


Our easy-to-use applications give you and your customers a simple and safe way to make transactions.


IPOSUP integrates the latest secure user authentication technologies providing you your 2FA SWIM ID (Software Wireless Identity Module) to create a safe and dependable platform.

How to get started

Download IPOSUP

Download the IPOSUP app from Google Play Store on your Android mobile or tablet device. 


You must photograph your Passport or National ID Card, Driving Licence and Bank Statement during the IPOSUP app registration process.

Good to go!

You can now start making Mobile Point-Of-Sale transactions on your IPOSUP apps.