Business and personal bank

Business and Personal Multi-currency Bank Accounts that are Free, Simple and Secure

Manage your money while accepting card and bank payments for your products and services as sole traders or small businesses. IPosUp satisfies all your multi-currency banking services needs via a single mobile app on your travels!

Just starting a micro business or modernising your small/medium business or simply needing a modern personal bank account? Simultaneously apply for business and personal bank accounts with IPosUp simultaneously and transform your hobby into a business!

Small businesses and consumers are automatically given multi-currency bank accounts, (currently, in GBP, EUR, INR and KSH currencies), upon registration to the IPosUp mobile app. Registration takes less than 15 minutes, plus IPosUp charges no monthly or annual fees for business or personal multi-currency bank accounts unlike many other competitor banking apps.

All UPI (India Rupee), Faster Pay (UK Pound Stirling), PesaLink (Kenyan Shilings), SEPA (Euro) and Direct Credit inbound account transfers are charged at 0.25% fee and all outbound transfers are totally free – no other hidden fees!

FasterPay/UPI/PesaLink/Sepa inbound (0.25% fee) and outbound (free) transfers

Free transfer between IPosUp bank accounts

Full or read access to staff and family members

Accounting integrations

In-built 24-hour free support chat service

Cash deposits and cash withdrawals (coming soon)

Visa/Mastercard digital debit cards (coming soon)

Applications undergo anti-money laundering and our eligibility checks, and are approved typically within 15 minutes, via the IPosUp app self-registration process.

We are partnering with NPCI (India), IPSL-PesaLink (Kenya) ClearBank (UK) and other modern sponsor commercial banks, to provide your business and personal bank accounts. Funds in these accounts are highly secure as they are held at the Sposnsor bank or Bank of England in the case of UK bank accounts. does not use your funds for investment or lending purposes: So IPosUp .com (HCE Secure IT Services Private Limited) is safer than the traditional high-street banks in the UK!

So, you have peace of mind knowing 100% secured liquidity of business and personal funds, whether you have a registered company or you are a sole trader or you simply need modern affordable, simple and secure personal multi-currency bank accounts.